Environmental Responsibility

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Therapi Tylino Social Respnsibility to be Environmentally Friendly

What is Environmental Responsibility?

Environmental responsibility in a business arena involves the SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY of both large and small company’s to help in protecting the environment. Many Company’s will look to achieve such responsibilities by evaluating how best to invest into an eco friendly culture.

Eco friendly or nature friendly companies will look to reduce its carbon foot print, evaluate its stock and where possible introduce more environmentally friendly products. By adhering to the above it will assist in minimising the harmful effects to the eco system and environment.

Environmentally Friendly Massage Oils - Therapi Tylino

Therapi Tylino is Environmentally Responsible

Therapi Tylino, as a business provider, are passionate about their responsibility in protecting the environment and are continually researching the latest eco friendly products to enable this. Therapi Tylino aim to switch all main lubrication used to bio-degradable products where possible and continue to pre-mix aromatherapy massage oils to reduce waste.

Our cleaning materials are re-used and washed in environmentally friendly washing powder and dried naturally wherever possible. Essential oil base cleansers are used throughout as we are aware of the negative effects of domestic antibacterial sprays on the environment.

Environmental Responsibility - Therapi Tylino - Massage Therapy

Our Eco-Friendly Future

Therapi Tylino looks to continue to implement a greener structure to its Massage Therapy Services. We are passionate about taking steps towards making our planet a better place for our communities and future generations.

Indeed by moving forward and investing in high quality carbon reduction projects within Wales and partnering with Carbon Footprint Ltd, Therapi Tylino will assist in plantation of trees here in Wales. This is important as they will absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen through the photosynthesis process.

This activity will not only offset our remaining carbon footprint to neutral by 2020, but will also provide an increase in essential wildlife habitats and enhance the natural Welsh landscape we have the pleasure to enjoy.

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