Case Study Stacey Davey

Working with the local Sport’s Community is a big part of the services offered by Therapi Tylino. I have been lucky enough to work with some very talented people and thought it would be a good idea to share some of those experiences.

First up, Stacey Davey, who has represented Torfaen Dragons Kickboxing at the 2016 & 2017 WAKO British Championships.

Therapi Tylino Sports Massage Case Study - Stacey Davey

First Meeting

I became acquainted with Gary Davey, Stacey’s Father, when he was training the Torfaen Dragons Kickboxing squad at the Football Factory, Cwmbran, in the autumn of 2014.

During their training session, I introduced myself to Gary and he asked would I take a look at Stacey’s back. I discussed Stacey’s difficulty, with her Mum Rachel. I agreed to assess Stacey’s back, provided her Mum chaperoned Stacey – as she was underage.

The initial assessment highlighted Muscle Tremors in the Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Buttocks and Lumbar Back, Quadratus Lumborum (Qls) and Obliques.

Prior to her muscular difficulty, Stacey had been a Junior Kickboxing Champion

In 2016 – WAKO British Championships 2016

  • Junior Female – 65kg Light Contact – Stacey Davey (Torfaen Dragons) 3rd
  • Junior Female – 70kg Points Fighting – Stacey Davey (Torfaen Dragons) 3rd

In 2017 – WAKO British Championships 2017

  • Junior Female – 65kg Light Contact – Stacey Davey (Torfaen Dragons) 2nd

2018 Class – Black Belt

  • WKU Welsh Rumble Ladies Champion – Stacey Davey (Torfaen Dragons) 1st
  • KMA Welsh Ladies Champion – Stacey Davey (Torfaen Dragons) 1st
  • WAKO British Ladies – Stacey Davey (Torfaen Dragons) 1st

When I was shown the Kickboxing fighting style, including photos of Stacey kicking a person in the head who was 6’ 6”, it soon became apparent the possible reasons for the Muscle Tremor.

The Treatment

The treatment plan included Sports Massage with controlled exercises. However, it was important that these exercises did not include any kicking

Over the course of the treatment the sessions and exercises grew in intensity Stacey began to see some improvement in her muscles. Myself, along with Stacey’s parents, could see the difference in Stacey – not only physically but in her attitude as well.

Sports Massage Therapy - Therapi Tylino

The treatment helped Stacey to regain her confidence and she was kind enough to share how the experience helped her.

“Roger has had a massive influence on my kickboxing journey these past 4 years.

I suffered a back injury during competition a couple of years ago which had a massive affect on my daily activities including training. Whenever I fought, there was an immense pressure in my back that stopped me from competing and training for over a year.

I went through various observations and trauma appointments only for them to say my kickboxing career had come to an end. I was adamant that it wasn’t and tried my hardest to keep training but it only made my injury worse.

After a couple months of giving up trying to find a solution I came across Roger. After a few sessions of Sport Massage I was able to get back training and within a couple months get back to competing slowly! 4 years on I am competing full time with the help of Massage and Taping and cannot thank Roger enough.”

Stacey Davey (Personal Trainer) – Women’s Open Weight Grand Champion

Continued Support

I have continued to work with Torfaen Dragons Kickboxing and provide Sports Massage to other athletes, similar to Stacey.

“Roger works with the athletes at Team Davey Kickboxing and offers them massage regularly, not only has he helped me personally but he never fails to make other people’s training and competing careers more relaxed and pain free. Roger is definitely an asset here at Team Davey Kickboxing!!”

Gary Davey (Chief Instructor) – TDK Team Wales Kickboxing

Therapi Tylino Sports Massage

If you are experiencing an injury similar to Stacey or another issue, that is preventing you from participation in physical activities, Therapi Tylino can help.

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Massage Therapist - Roger Daniels

Roger Daniels

Roger is a qualified Massage Therapist and founder of Therapi Tylino based in Pontypool. Offering Massage Therapy services in the Newport & Torfaen area to help people work, play & live without limits.